Gunther Update 3/28

March 28, 2024

Gunther Update!
Gunther is settling in well at his foster home. He is slowly learning about toys, we’re not sure if he has ever had any before his foster home. He is curious about the toys provided but isn’t quite ready to jump in and play. As his energy levels increase, we suspect his playful side will start to shine!
Don’t be alarmed by his slow movements, this is due to his condition and will improve as he continues to recover. The missing fur on his leg is from the IV site.
His canine foster sister is very protective of him and watches as he slowly makes his way around the house, learning about toys and his new environment. He loves snuggling with his human and canine foster family. We love that he has some doggy siblings to help guide him during his recovery time.
Although we still don’t know what his story was, we know the community of TeamGunther supporters, the shelter, the vet clinic, and now his foster home, are all stepping stones to show him endless love and support. We can’t change the past for him but we can promise Gunther that we will do everything possible to give him a bright future.

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Gunther's Update
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