Banquet Raffle Info & Pricing

October 12, 2023

The Fall Banquet is only two days away! We are sold out and looking forward to seeing all of our amazing supporters!
We will have a new raffle system this year – no signing in, no paddles.
Each sheet pictured has a “HOLD THIS STUB” ticket. When you purchase a sheet of raffle tickets, you will save the “HOLD THIS STUB” portion since all the other tickets on that sheet have the same number. For every sheet you buy, you save the “HOLD THIS STUB” portion.
There is also a “DOOR PRIZE COUPON” that you will be responsible for dropping in the “DOOR PRIZE BUCKET.” The more ticket sheets you buy, the more chances you have to win the door prizes!
Blue sheets, 25 tickets, $30 each
Orange sheets, 10 tickets, $20 each
Gun raffles, $10/card
Metsa Machines Trailer Raffle, $25/card

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