Cat Intake Information

July 2, 2024

Did you know, now is the perfect time to adopt a cat or kitten?
LCHS has no open kennels for cats and kittens, we are simply out of space. We have specials on almost all our adult kitties right now and we always offer a “2 for 1” deal for cats & kittens going into the same home.
If you need to surrender your own cat or kittens, please call LCHS to get on our waiting list. You will need to verify you are a Lincoln County resident, if you do not live in Lincoln County, LCHS will refer you to the shelter in your own county.
If you have found a lost cat or kitten, please call LCHS. If it’s after hours, you can contact the Sheriff’s Department at 715-536-6272. If you did not find the animal in Lincoln County, it will need to be brought to the shelter in the county where you found it.
The reason that we do not take surrenders or strays from other counties is because we are often near capacity for our own kitties. Making sure our county is supported first is a way to avoid having to euthanize for space. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding.
As always, make sure your own pets are spayed and neutered!

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