Community Cat Fund

June 5, 2024

LCHS is excited to announce our new “Community Cat Fund!”

The Community Cat Fund is a program that assists Lincoln County residents with the cost of spaying/neutering outdoor cats. A “community cat” refers to an unclaimed cat that typically lives outdoors or in a barn setting. These cats often do not have an established owner but have someone providing food for them.

The Community Cat Fund is only for outdoor cats and in addition to the spay or neuter, the distemper combo vaccine, rabies vaccine, and ear tip are required for every cat. This link provides additional information about ear-tipping and why it’s required –

This program is funded by grants and donations. If you are interested in donating to the Community Cat Fund, please make sure to specify that with your donation.

If you have outdoor cats that need to be fixed and you are a resident of Lincoln County (verification will be required), please call us at 715-536-3459. This program is only offered while funding is available.

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