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Dog & Cat Vaccination Clinic at LCHS
Tuesday, June 6, 2pm-4pm
You must call 715-573-8680 and speak to Dr. Prince to make an appointment. Paperwork will be filled out over the phone. Come at your scheduled time. Cash only for payment. One person and one pet out of the vehicle at a time. The person holding the pet for the vaccine(s) need to wear a face mask.
Cash Only
Vaccines offered:
Rabies (dog or cat): $20
DHPPv (dog distemper): $25
FVRC (cat distemper): $25
Lyme: $40
Leptospirosis: $25
Kennel Cough: $25
Please bring any previous vaccination records. All dogs must be on a short leash. If you have an aggressive dog, please be prepared to muzzle the dog. Cats need to be in crates or on a harness.
Vaccines provided and given by Jennifer Prince, DVM, Wausau Mobile Pet Hospital. Please contact Dr. Prince at 715-573-8680 with any questions.
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