February Honorarium Donations

March 11, 2022

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in February! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Esther Dittmar by Darlene Mattson, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Scott & Linda Doerr

Rose Bolling by Alger & Connie Julson, David Julson, Friends of the Family, Greenheck Employees, Beverly Dietz, Gloria Wagener, Cathy Mueller, Kim Borchardt, Jennifer & Matthew Herbert, Barbara & Daniel Adams

Chester the cat by Diane Erickson

Harold Hopp by Jerry & Diana Petruzates, Linda Weege, Kristine Smith, Chipper & Sandy Mosser, Louis & Vernette Heuser

Patricia Woller by Dave & Rita Bonnell, Nancy Kasper, Shirley Mae Engel

Sarah Kastner-Warren by Robert & Diane Zwieg

Delores Burrow by Timothy Burrow

Dawn Sus by American Legion

Lorraine Litzer by Amy & Jeremy Krueger

Donna Thompson by Ivan & Terry Pick

Betty White by John & Julie Shelley, Mark & Barbara Crapster-Pregont, Cynthia Prueser

Carol Engel by Shirley Mae Engel

Edward Leavitt by USW Local 2-631

JoLee Wendt by Patrick & Jane Severt

Donna Thompson by Rick Ament, Penny Callahan, Erin McCarthy, Thursday Night Pool Team, John & Maureen Hick, Jack & Cyndi Baguhn, Michael & Nancy Specht, S.K. Beveridge

Robert “Bob” Kultgen by Nancy Kasper, Lester Jones, Dave & Linda Voelz

Darren “Burd” Burdock by Family & Friends

Marlene Aschbrenner by Diane Thompson, Steve & Jennifer Noto, Friends & Family

Linda Schmidd by Sean Palenik

Ava (the Radloff’s Great Dane) by Tom & Linda Tompach

Donald Ashby by Todd & Angelia Johnson

Ellen Gilliard by Aimee Knospe

Donald Klebenew by Robert & Cynthia Koehler

Tim Rossi by Thomas Rossi

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Thank you, Shana & Caroline!
Thank you, Chip's!

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