Focused K9 LLC

April 15, 2024

The Lincoln County Humane Society is pleased to announce that Drew Rupp, owner of Focused K9 LLC, is offering his services to the community! If you have recently adopted a dog from LCHS or you are considering surrendering a dog due to behavioral issues, Drew is offering a free consultation to help families have a successful relationship with their dogs.

Schedule a free consultation call to discuss your dog’s behavioral issues and explore next steps with a professional trainer. During the call, you’ll have the opportunity to share your concerns and goals, and receive expert guidance on how to address your dog’s specific needs.

Here’s a message from Drew, “Private in-home dog training services bring professional expertise directly to your doorstep. With one-on-one sessions, I focus on addressing behavior issues, reinforcing obedience, and strengthening the bond between you and your beloved canine companion. Please reach out if you were looking for something a little different, and have a good day!”

Booking Link:

Focused K9 LLC: 712-395-8698

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