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May 29, 2024

Did you know?
There are so many ways for you to donate to LCHS! We are not funded by any other organization so any donation you make to them thinking it comes to the shelter it actually does not.
LCHS is a private organization that gets all of it’s funding from donations that are made right to the shelter. We do fundraisers for the shelter that the public is encouraged to attend and there are many other ways to help out as well!
Here is a list of ways to help out:
*In person donations can be made right at the shelter and gives you the chance to visit with all the wonderful pets we have looking for homes!
*Facebook Fundraisers (we see lots of people who do birthday fundraisers)
*Some employers/companies will match a donation made to a organization
*Individual fundraisers can be done by people who wish to create their own fundraiser for the shelter. LCHS loves to share when someone is doing a fundraiser for us to help promote it!
*Fresh Step Paw Point from Fresh Step Litter can be donated and in the past has helped LCHS to get a pallet of cat litter for free!
*LCHS has donation boxes at local businesses for you to donate with ease!
*Online donations can be made right on the shelter website
There are so many awesome ways to donate to the shelter to help us help all of these wonderful animals that come into our care every year. LCHS cares for about 1,000 animals a year! We appreciate all the help and support we can get and have a pretty wonderful support system and are so very grateful! ❤️

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