Gunther needs our help!

March 25, 2024

Gunther arrived at LCHS last Friday as a stray. We believe he is a Chocolate Lab mix. He was so weak when he arrived that it was difficult for him to stand or walk. Gunther’s bones, clearly visible under his skin, show how long this poor soul has suffered. We do not know if this occurred by accident or if someone deliberately withheld food from him for a long period of time. What we do know, is that although Gunther has clearly suffered, he is still a loving, happy dog. He trusts people and you can tell when you look into his eyes, he knows we will do all we can to help him.
Gunther was taken to one of the vets we work with on Friday. His chances of survival are high but he does need to be hospitalized this week to monitor his blood levels and make sure he does not develop any issues during this sensitive time. Gunther’s weight is about 15 pounds. If he was provided the care and nourishment his body desperately needs, he would likely weigh closer to 40 pounds. It is impossible to tell his age because his teeth are in such poor condition. Only time and better care will answer our questions about Gunther.
Mr. Rogers once said that when bad things happen, look for the helpers to restore your faith. Gunther has seen enough bad things happen, right now, he needs helpers to support his care during this time. His vet bill will likely be more than $1,500 and every donation will help us save this little life. The vet is providing a significant discount and donating for Gunther but the medications and services are still costly. Please help us care for Gunther.
P.S. The Sheriff’s Department is already involved and has an open file for Gunther. If you know who may have owned Gunther previously, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at 715-536-6272. You can remain anonymous.

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