Gunther Update 3/27

March 27, 2024

The vet called and Gunther will be headed to his foster home this evening!
He does already have a foster home but if you are interested in fostering other shelter dogs for LCHS in the future, please email us at
Gunther is doing great so far! He will be taken off fluids and have the catheter removed later today. He will likely need extensive dental work but his body is not healthy enough to undergo anesthesia at this time so the vet will wait to do x-rays at a later date. The procedures for his teeth will likely take place at the same time as his neuter surgery.
Gunther also has exposed bone at the tip of his tail. The vet has cared for the old injury as much as possible and Gunther is being monitored for any pain. This may also be removed at a later date, when he is healthy enough to undergo a surgery.
Gunther has several hurdles to overcome. He still has to be restricted on how much he can eat and what his body is able to handle for exercise and activity. Although he has a long road ahead, we know he will grow stronger each day because of our dedicated foster family and all the amazing financial supporters.
Gunther will likely be in his foster home for at least 4-6 weeks but we will continue to update everyone on his recovery! We will also post at a later date when we are accepting applications.

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Gunther's Update

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