Do you have a pet you can no longer care for but would love to find a new owner on your own? If so, reach out to LCHS about our Home to Home Program. “Home to Home” is an adoption option that allows owners to keep their pets while finding a new, loving home. Home to Home allows an animal to remain in its current home, reducing the population of animals at the shelter, while the owner is still able to search for a new family for the pet. This is a great option to prevent undue stress on the animal and build a relationship between the current and potential owners.

LCHS will help promote the available animal on our facebook page. We will show pictures and list the contact information for the current owner. Then, an interested party can reach out and connect with the current owner to see if the new family will be a good fit for the animal.


  1. the current owner must be a Lincoln County resident
  2. the animal must be spayed or neutered
  3. the animal must be current on its rabies vaccine
  4. the animal must not have any aggression issues or any bite incidents
  5. the current owner must accept full liability and sign a waiver to release LCHS of any liability
  6. the current owner is responsible for requesting additional postings and an update that the animal has found a home
  7. there is no “adoption” or “rehoming” fee
  8. verification must be provided to LCHS for #1-3


  1. verifying the age and information on a photo ID for the interested party
  2. meeting at a neutral location
  3. review tips for introducing two new dogs -
  4.  review tips for introducing a new cat to resident cat(s) –
  5. search the potential new owner’s history using –
  6. establish a written agreement between the current owner and the new owner regarding the animal – consider multiple factors, including what happens if the new home doesn’t work out, if updates will be provided and how often, etc.
  7. strive for open communication – being completely upfront about an animal’s history or the home environment will ensure the best situation for the animal

If you are interested in our Home to Home Program, please email You must also complete a release form, provide proof of address, a spay/neuter certificate, and vaccination certificate. Approval may take up to a week to process.