July 4th Fireworks Show

May 24, 2023

LCHS has received several questions lately regarding the possibility of the July 4th fireworks show being held at the fairgrounds in town.

Due to our concerns about our animals, we hope the fireworks will still be held at the Marc Center. If the fireworks are held at fairgrounds, we will do our best to keep the animals calm and secure during the fireworks show. We also ask that people abstain from additional noise (honking horns, etc) since that will only add to the noise and stress for the animals.
Since July is one of our busiest months at the shelter, it is unlikely we will be able to move every animal into a foster home during a week that many people have vacation plans.
If you are interested in fostering for LCHS at any time, please send us an email at manager@furrypets.com for some additional information. Please note, this is only a statement of our view from LCHS. We do not intend this as an attack on anyone hoping for the fireworks to be held in the fairgrounds.

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