June Honorarium Donations

July 29, 2023

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in June! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Matt Semling by Sarah Semling, Kathryn Peterson, Robert & Lana Odegard, Julie & Alan Coss, Renee & Andy Semling, Linda Weege, Dave & Peggy Semling, Donna Hertil, Connie Semling, Steve & Sharon Semling, Jeff & Darlene Hall, Sandy & Mike Prain, Lois Wold, Nancy Lange Leder, Michele Koth, Dennis & Patricia Flanigan, Linda Semling Peterson, Sara Semling, Janet & Bob Starck

Lady Bug Malm by Debbie Alvin

Donald Leitzke by Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Mary Flegner by Mitzi Flegner

Jay Ellen Brown by Linda Hattlestad

Jeff Strassman by Chanell Strassman

Skyla Komorowski by Robert & Debra Brown

Mary Leyk’s Birthday by Ruth Heyne

Darren “Burd” Burdick by family

Eric Lee by Jo & Bill Kolar

Clara by Sandra & William Lussenhop, Mary Leyk

Jim Light by Rick & Judith Lombard

Dawn Kleinschmidt by Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc

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Thank you, Thomas Hensel!
We are not accepting towels & blankets at this time

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