March Honorarium Donations

April 15, 2024

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in March! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Sally Tupa by Nicole Reichelt

Kathryn Utecht by Vaughn Vance

Dan Johnson by Mariann & Steve Hanig, Peggy Boehm

Phyllis Frederick by Tim Koenig & Darla Sann-Koenig, Sarah Semling

Fred Will by Tim Koenig & Darla Sann-Koenig

Marilyn Maschke by Tim Koenig & Darla Sann-Koenig

Vera Leitzke’s Birthday by David Leitzke, Gene & Karleen Bebel

Eve Kniess by Family & Friends

Lexie by Barbara Rambo-Hartley

Jolene Plautz by Vern & Kay Utecht

Jester the parrot by Laurie Nikolai-Svetlik

Ed Isaacson by Darren & Melissa Lemke, Gary & Holly Rauen

Elvis the cat by Ingrid Erickson & Marlene Duwe

Linda Henrichs by Dan Woller, James Brannan & Sandy Leskey, Kerry Hass, Nancy Kasper, Cherie Kultgen, Lee Londerzille

Linda Sukow by Ida Knospe, Richard Stine, Timothy & Sue Finnegan, Gene & Pam Mohrland

Gerald Leistikow by Vicki & John Kilgust

Eugene Bondioli by Faye Nelson, Barbara Bonnell, Kristin Peterson, Roger Marthaler, Roger & Julie Wendorf, Sheryl Zomchek

Gloria Bondioli by Roger & Julie Wendorf

Jeff Francin by Keith & Beth Knutson

Ray Roggenbuck by Timothy & Sue Finnegan

Chad Evenson by Donald Dunphy, Rene Rebeck, Stephanie Martin, Carol Wyma

Charlotte Mootz by Gerald & Dawn Schmidt

Chris Rehwinkel by Friends & Family, Jacklyn Akey

Harold Pophal by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Carol Peterson by James Rehwinkel, Carol Holz

Bruce Beyer by Jacklyn Akey






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