May Honorarium Donors

June 9, 2024

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in May! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Loretta Seidler by Timothy Seidler, Ingrid Erickson, Christina Baumann, Suzanne Burgess, Wayne & Judy Bondioli, Gene & Charlene Woller, Family & Friends

Bob Schotz by Linda, Jason, Justin, Hope, Grayson, & Ariya Schotz

Billy Klade by Bryan Haase, Jason, Terri, Brayden, & Sydney Sturm, Scherrer Construction, Joann Belant, Ruth Miller

Roger Hoffman by Linda Hass & family

Dan Crowell’s Birthday by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Joyce Sumnicht by Lin Aanonsen, Debra Seeger, Stephanie Bendel, William & Sara Dingess, Dennis & Joan Brahmer, Gary & Sarah Stroyny, Robert Strand

Kathryn Utecht by Mary & Allen Waid

Dave Krause by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Kris Sobiesczjk by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Phyllis Fausch by Kathy Meunier, Glen Johnson, Amy Laabs, Penny Callahan, Barbara Rambo-Hartley, Steven & Kim Nichols

Melanie Tlusty Lunde by Pamela Murphy

Carol Peterson by Mariann & Steve Hanig

Darrell Barker by Linda Henrichs

Mary Leyk by Ruth Heyne

Marge Herman by Sally Thayer






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May Animal Statistics
Thank you, May animal sponsors!

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