November & December Honorarium Donations

January 12, 2023

LCHS would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in November or December! Your support is greatly appreciated.
Roger Merkle by Roxanne Baumann
Ralph & Arlene Voigt by Darin, Kati, & Andrew Gille, Gerald & Dawn Schmidt
Cheryl Kloss by Todd & Angelia Johnson
Buddy (Callahan) the dog by Debbie Alvin & Brenda Zettler
Denise Maurisak by Scott & Kelly Campbell, Karen Ackerman & Gary Anderson, Shanna Wolf, Donald & Ruthann Dunphy, Jean Perkins, Duane & Jenny Flegner, Tom Grund, Barbara Kreft
Dennis Guenther by Cynthia Guenther
Mike Kufahl by Steven Plautz, The Karcz Family, Dave & Toby DuPlayee, Pamela Geis, Beverly Dietz, Linda Blake, Linda English-Kautza, Image Studios INC, Town of Rib Mountain, Chronic Disease Prevention Team, Carol Wyma, Kim & Nancy Reinhardt, Kimberly Gruenke, Randy & Kathy Pfantz, Brian & Donna Opper, Karolyn & Darwin Haufe, James & Jeri Raddatz, Doreen Bashore, Sharon Schubert, Business Development Specialists LLC, Jeff Kraft
Pat Zimmerman by Jo & Bill Kolar
Dorothy Bellin by Robert & Barbara MacDonald
Art Theiler by Chuck Theiler, Lee Theiler, Jill Johnson, Karen Buck
Malinda Rehfeld Burrow by Carolyn Byer, Carol Ellenbecker
Dan Sukow by Community United Church of Christ
Vicki Denny by Ellen & James Makaravage, Jr.
Sabrina by Catherine Weber
Sammy (Mary Gronski) by Debbie Alvin
Faye Semling by Donna Hertel, Jean Habeck, Lenore English, Dennis & Patricia Flanigan, David & Mary Brand, Linda Semling Peterson
Jack Semling by Linda Semling Peterson
Bonnie Pophal by Leah & Matthew Burbach
Mary Ingman by Mike Somerville
Bobbi Grund by Danielle Reich, Mitzi Flegner, Jake, Chrissy, Brayden, & Logan Vandergeest, Penny & Ryan King, Linda Sagstetter, Angelia & Todd Johnson, Rebecca & Robert Ott, David & Patricia Vandergeest, Dawn Smith
Dennis & Delores Blake’s 50th Anniversary by Judith Elliott & Thomas Rahlf
Ellen Reager by Colleen Woller
Robert & Signa Lambrecht by Daniel Lambrecht & Dawn Dunk
Missy Lemke by the Church Mutual State Filing Team
Ed Oestreich by Gerald & Dawn Schmidt
Merrilee DuPlayee by Lou Ann DuPlayee, Mary La Haie
Brad & Nancy Reineking by William & Carol Ann Sparr
Bristol, Ruger, & Mack by Michael & Donna Schneider
Sue Weith’s Birthday by Russell & Mary Leyk, Lynn & Thomas Zentner, Richard & Brenda Mamer, Thomas & Thelma Meyer, Thomas & Carol Hoge
Mary Ann Rehwinkel by Mariann & Steve Hanig
Jim Johnson by Darrel & Melissa Dengel
Vicky Denney by Charles & Mona MacDonald
Margaret Oestreich by Steve & Mariann Hanig
Carol Osness by Gary & Bonnie Osness
Val Pfaff by Susan & Joseph Stoker
Patricia Woller by Dan Woller
Ian Thomas Skaar by Cynthia Lambrecht
Mary Lagerbloom by Trisha Skofronick
Jennifer Moore by Tracy Moore

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Animal Statistics for 2022
Thank you, December donors!

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