February Honorarium Donations

March 8, 2023

LCHS would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in February! Your support is greatly appreciated.
Francis Montabon by Sylvia Bull, Steven & Mary Raatz, Sandra Nichols, Douglas King
Joyce Ryder by Joanne & Bill Kolar
Frida the dog by Laura Nikolai-Svetlik
Joyce Woller by Matthew & Kim Leder
Dan Nordall by Maxine & Jay Tlusty
Skyla Komorowski by Robert & Debra Brown
Sally Scott by Maxine & Jay Tlusty
Emily Pfingsten by Kelly Wallace, Leroy Shorey, Gary & Holly Rauen
Terry Mueller by Julie Osness, Inge Austin, Danette Woodward, Terry Saal
John Benzinger by Steve & Mary Dallman
Krista Hinsa by Wendy Hinsa
Alvin by Bill Heideman
Steve Willis by City of Merrill, Nancy Kasper

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Thank you, February donors!
Spring Fest Donors & Volunteers

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