October Honorarium Donations

December 1, 2022

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in October! We appreciate your support!

JoAnn Squire by Lora Walters

Val Pfaff by Susan & Joseph Stoker

Roger Casper Merkle by Julie & Alan Coss

JoAnne Kolka by Randy & Susan Kolka, Rocky & Laura Kolka, Kathie Bondidi, Mary Ann Koershner, Robyn & Marge Christiansen

Elmo by Al & Jenny Miner

Susan Ellsworth Reeves by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Marian Seidlitz Erdman by Jay & Kristin VanDerGeest, Carol Peterson

Scott Mahn by Kris & Jim Lokemoen

Evelyn Sonni by George & Mary Anne Klinker

Denise Maurisak by Jean Curtis & Gerald Ek, Dave, Kathy, Bobbie, Cody, Kay, and Gregory Bleskey, Penny Callahan & Ryan King, Nancy Dabbert, Shirley Mae Engel, Carol Fiebke

Elaine Riesinger by Bonnie Hinz, Pat & Dawn Fechtner, Candy Fechtner, Leslie & Dave, Twig Maleggue, Kathleen & Paul Klippel

Brian Jaeger by Cynthia Kotila

Nancy Fronde by Charmaine Hamilton

Sam Burrows by Roxanne Burrows, Chris & Heidi Robinson, Josh & Jody Burrows & girls






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October Donors
Dog License Sales (rabies certificate required)

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