“Paws for a Cause” fundraiser at Chip’s in Merrill

February 1, 2023

If your anything like us you have been thinking about what to get for lunch since you woke up! 😆 We have just the spot for you! Chip’s Hamburger in Merrill is once again hosting our “Paws for a Cause” fundraiser for the month of February!! How do you donate? Well it is as easy as stopping at Chip’s for you next meal and making a donation! THAT’S IT!
Since 2020 alone Chip’s has raised $13,002 for the pets at the shelter for our “Paws for a Cause” fundraiser! We are so honored to have such a amazing small buisness supporting us and such a amazing community supporting us! Thank you all for everything! We really appreciate it! 🐾 ❤️
Make sure to stop by Chip’s and get some amazing food soon! 🥰

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