Puppy Update 1/19/24

January 19, 2024

These 6 babies were just brought in after being found at the end of someones driveway when they got home. They were in this box and were found on French Ridge and Hwy 64 East of Merrill. They seem to be in good health as far as we can tell.
If anyone is able to donate some puppy canned food and puppy milk replacer that would be wonderful! Thank you to anyone able to help us out!
The pups are headed into foster homes soon. Thank you all for being so supportive and generous!
Our estimate is that the pups are about 4 weeks old. We do not know the breeds they may be but as they grow, we will post updates on them. They will be in foster care for about a month. At this time, we are not taking applications on the puppies but watch for updates on the page.

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