Adoption Services

The Humane Society’s adoption services include extensive counseling to help ensure appropriate matches between companion animals and people.

The adoption fees include:

Cats & Kittens: Distemper combo vaccine w/ booster, spay/neuter, microchip with registration, dewormer (if necessary), and flea/ear mite treatment (if necessary). Kittens may require an additional $100 deposit that is refunded when the kitten is returned to the shelter for the spay/neuter surgery. It is required that adopted kitties leave in a cat carrier. If you do not have a carrier, LCHS will sell a cardboard (disposable) carrier for an additional $10.

Dogs & Puppies: Distemper combo vaccine w/ booster, kennel cough vaccine, spay/neuter, microchip with registration, dewormer (if necessary), and flea/ear mite treatment (if necessary). Puppies may require an additional $100 deposit that is refunded when the puppy is returned to the shelter for the spay/neuter surgery. All dogs and puppies also received a Certified Vet Exam (CVI) which is performed by a licensed veterinarian and includes a basic physical exam.

Adoption Fees (Sales Tax Included)

  • Cats: $52.75

  • Kittens Under 6 Months Old: $105.50

  • Puppies/Small Breeds: $316.50

  • Adult Dogs: $184.62

  • Senior Dogs (8+ Years Old): $84.40

  • Senior Cats: $26.38

The Fix Is In – Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services

One of the main goals of the Lincoln County Humane Society is to reduce the pet overpopulation crisis.  Some Wisconsin low cost spay & Neuter programs are:

FixaPet (Neillsville)

Purple Cat Vet (NW WI)

Waupaca County HS (Waupaca)

Sauk County HS (Baraboo)

Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center (Madison)

Precision Vet (Madison)

Wisconsin HS (West Allis)

Fox Valley HS (Appleton)

Madison Cat Project (Madison)

Cats Anonymous (Green Bay)

All of the low cost Spay & Neuter Programs do offer spay and neuter services for the public. LCHS does not assist with appointments or services through any of the above programs. You must contact them directly to make arrangements for your pet.


At its most basic level, humane education is about learning to care for the animals in our homes and communities. It is about fostering kindness, respect and empathy for both human and nonhuman living things, and looking after the environment and its diverse habitats. Humane education has a philosophical component that strives to establish a sense of responsibility and make the world a better, more humane place.

Through radio, newspaper and television exposure, school programs, shelter tours and educational booths, the Humane Society is striving to make more people aware of the needs of animals and to educate the public about responsible animal care.

You can now get engraved ID tags for your pets at LCHS!

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer engraved ID Tags to the public! They can be made right on the spot! They are $5.00 each for basic tags and we do offer Green Bay Packer tags for $18 each! We also offer a free basic ID tag with every adoption! Stop in anytime during our open hours the process takes about 10 minutes!

Dog License Sales

2022 dog licenses can be renewed through the mail. Make sure to include a copy of the rabies certificate with the payment. Mail the payment and rabies certificate to:

310 N. Memorial Drive
Merrill, WI 54452

You can also purchase a license at the shelter during our open hours. You must bring a copy of the rabies certificate.

Quarantine Services

LCHS will provide quarantine services for animals that are under a police ordered quarantine after a bite incident.

Quarantine fee is $200. LCHS will not provide the 3 required veterinary exams. The transportion, expense, and scheduling of these appointments will be considered the responsibility of the animal’s owner. It will also be the responsibility of the owner to ensure the police and/or health department receive the appropriate paperwork from the veterinary office after the third exam.

Animals may be surrendered after the bite quarantine is over for additional fees but will not be considered adoptable due to the bite history. Owners wishing to surrender their animal after quarantine will need to schedule this with LCHS staff in advance.

Local Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities

LCHS frequently receives calls regarding injured birds or wildlife. Although we are eager to help where we can, our facility does not have the permits or the skills to care for these creatures. If you find an orphaned, injured, or abandoned animal that appears to be in need, please stop and contact a wildlife rehabilition facility before intervening. Trained staff at these organizations can advise whether an animal is truly in need and what the next step will be.

For wild birds, please call the Raptor Education Group, Inc. based in Antigo, WI. Again, please contact the facility before handling or moving wild birds. The Raptor Education Group, Inc can be reached at 715-623-4015.

For wildlife, please call Wild Instincts based in Rhinelander, WI. It is recommended to contact the facility before handling or removing wildlife. Wild Instincts can be reached at 715-362-9453. Wild Instincts is available by phone 24 hours a day.

For wildlife, you can also call Northwoods Wildlife Center in Minocqua, WI. It is recommended to contact the facility before handling or removing wildlife. Northwoods Wildlife Center can be reached at 715-356-7400. You can also you use this link for advice on common wildlife situations:

Many organizations try to assist with transporting animals to the appropriate wildlife facility. First, contact the wildlife rehabilitation centers. If you are unable to transport the animal, you can try contacting LCHS to see if there is a volunteer available to assist (we cannot guarantee we will have someone able to help). You can also contact the local Sheriff’s Department at 715-536-6272 for assistance.

We recommend saving these contacts into your phone so you have easy access to the phone numbers in case of an emergency.