Licensing Your Dog

Jan. 1st until March 31st dog license fees are $10 for fixed and $30 for unfixed.

After March 31, dog license fees increase – a spayed/neutered dog will be $25 and an unaltered dog will be $65. If you are mailing the license to LCHS, it must be received by March 31. Any forms received after March 31 will be returned to the owner for the late fees to be added.

You can purchase a 2023 dog license using the following three options:

  • Mail a copy of the rabies certificate, payment, and information for the dog license to:LCHS
    310 N. Memorial Drive
    Merrill WI 54452
  • Visit LCHS during our open hours (12pm-4pm Monday-Saturday, 12pm-2pm Sunday). You must bring a copy of the rabies certificate signed by the veterinarian. The certificate should have the tag number, vaccine manufacturer, and vaccine serial number. LCHS cannot sell a dog license without a current rabies certificate.
  • You can purchase a dog license through your municipality (see the contact list below). Licenses can be purchased through municipalities by appointment or with your property taxes. Make sure to contact your Town Treasurer in advance to ask the exact procedure.

Municipality Contact Info:

Town of Birch: Marlene Fox 715-218-039

Town of Bradley: Phyllis Evans 715-453-3326

Town of Corning: Katie Giese 715-351-0918

Town of Harding: Carrie Hintz 715-536-8901

Town of Harrison: Matt Boyle 715-551-6016

Town of King: Julie Allen 715-453-8578

Town of Merrill: Kay Tautges 715-536-4383

Town of Pine River: Donna Opper 715-432-7421

Town of Rock Falls: Cindy Frisch 715-536-3947

Town of Russell: Susan Fisher 715-351-0028

Town of Schley: Susan Podeweltz 715-536-3756

Town of Scott: Ann Krueger 715-539-8355

Town of Skanawan: Jean Zoellner 715-966-6419

Town of Somo: Jody Isaacson 715-564-3239

Town of Tomahawk: Loretta Wanta 715-453-8836

Town of Wilson: Laurie Peterson 715-453-8465

City of Tomahawk: City Treasurer: 715-453-4040

City of Merrill: City Treasurer: 715-536-5594

Your Local Humane Society

The Lincoln County Humane Society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and abuse to animals, birds and wildlife. Whether you’re bringing in a lost pet, looking for your next forever friend, or need any other local humanitarian services, we are here to help.