Reclaiming a Lost Cat
It’s scary for both the animal and the owner when a pet runs away from home. Please follow the steps below to increase the chances of finding your lost pet and to reclaim it from the Lincoln County Humane Society.
If your pet runs away:
1. File a lost report at LCHS as soon as you realize your pet is missing. Call 715-536-3459 to give details and make sure to provide a picture of your pet.

Reports are kept on file for up 30 days, but we can keep on file longer at the request of the owner.

2. Contact the local Sheriff’s Department to notify them of your lost pet at (715) 536-6272.

3. We recommend contacting as many local shelters, veterinary clinics, and neighbors as possible to help share your missing pet’s information. Provide them with details about your pet and a photo of your pet.

4. Lost Cats of Wisconsin is a Facebook groups dedicated to reuniting lost pets and should be contacted immediately to help bring awareness to your lost pet. There are other neighborhood social media sites that can be used to help find your pet.
If your missing pet should be brought to LCHS, you will be required to comply with Wisconsin State Statue #173.23 (see below) and the shelter’s contract with Lincoln County regarding stray animals.,given%20by%20evidence%20of%20prepayment.
1. Your cat must have a current rabies certificate from the veterinarian. A copy can be emailed to LCHS at This must be sent before the animal can be picked up.

2. If your cat does not have the rabies vaccination or you cannot locate proof of it, you will need to purchase a rabies vaccine voucher. There are two ways to do this:

A. Go to your vet, pay for the rabies vaccine, and bring the receipt to LCHS.

B. Purchase a voucher for an LCHS veterinarian. Vouchers are non-refundable. If a voucher expires from the time of purchase and the animal is at LCHS as a stray again, a new voucher must be purchased.

3. A driver’s license or photo identification of the owner. A photo or medical record of the animal should also be provided.

4. Full payment of any medical expenses. Medical and veterinary expenses for incoming animals with medical issues or injuries will be billed to an owner at the time of reclamation. Severely injured or suffering animals may be euthanized before a stray hold is completed at the discretion of a licensed veterinarian. Animals may also be vaccinated against diseases during the stray hold at the shelter and those fees will be billed to the owner at the time of reclamation.

5. Full payment of any reclamation fees. The normal fee schedule will apply beginning after the 24-hour window for an animal that is not considered a repeat intake. Fees increase daily.

Our normal fee schedule is:

Day 1 (the first 24 hours): fees are waived

Day 2: After 24 hours, the fee for the animal increases to $20

Day 3: $25

Day 4: $30

Day 5: $35

Day 6: the animal is legally the property of LCHS. As of day 6, the animal can legally be adopted to a new owner, transferred to another facility or rescue, or euthanized at the discretion of LCHS.

6. If there is a police order for an animal to remain in our care, the animal will not be relinquished to an owner without permission of the police. Wisconsin Statutes 174 and 951 may be applied, as necessary, regarding any incoming animal.