Info for Visiting LCHS

June 12, 2024

Since summer is almost here, we have a few quick reminders for anyone visiting LCHS!
Our hours are: 12pm-4pm Monday-Saturday, 12pm-2pm Sunday, and we are closed all day Wednesday. You can find additional dates the shelter will be closed on the website
1. Volunteers must come in during our open hours.
2. You must be 18 or older to visit the shelter alone. If you are not yet 18, you must be with a parent or guardian.
3. Anyone under 18 must stay with a parent, guardian, or grandparent at all times while at LCHS. If multiple children are with one parent, all children must stay with the adult at all times.
4. If you are looking to interact with the animals, you must have a completed volunteer form. Our volunteer program is frequently updated so there may be changes compared to other years. If you do not have a current volunteer form, please email us at
5. Anyone wanting to walk a dog or interact with the dogs in their pens must sign up 24 hours in advance.
6. If you are interested in adopting a dog or puppy and want to visit with the animal, you need to submit an adoption application. Then staff will contact you to schedule a time to visit with the dogs or puppies. This prevents us from overbooking appointments and not having enough time to work with each customer. Applications need to be reviewed before you can visit with the dogs so please submit it at least a day in advance.
7. We understand how fun and exciting it can be to visit the animals, we love them, too! But please remember, this is the animal’s (temporary) home. We expect all visitors to use indoor voices and follow all shelter rules. Never put your hands or fingers into cages without asking a staff member first. The animals are under a lot of stress and it can be scary at times.
It’s so important to show our shelter pets love and respect, please make sure everyone is on their best behavior when stopping in.
Thanks for understanding!

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