Thank you, April donors!

May 3, 2024

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in April! We greatly appreciate the support & generosity of so many people!
United Health Group
Meghan Stevenson
Dean Barker
Linda Hass
Linda & Alan Tetzloff
Carol Lucas
Joy Anderson
Cecil Ballou
Mary Jirikowic
Larry & Joann Benzinger
Kenneth & Virginia Giese
Wes & Jane Schoepke
Patriot Auto Repair, LLC
Timothy & Debra Martin
Jeffrey & JoAnn Brandenburg
Melody Callahan
Dale Casperson
Erin Gilles
Gerald Gilliard
Russell & Tammy Graap
Deborah Harris
Gregory Hehling
Sheila & Alan Klug
Lorna Kufahl
Jodene Lokemoen
Jane Elizabeth Parsons
Rose Marie Peterson
Anthony & Jeri Robl
Kristin Sobiesczyk
Donna Stapleton
James Timm
Ruth James
Denvert Woller
Nadine Appel
Darlene Raunio
Liberty Mutual
Adam Jennejohn
Jaclyn Wendorf
Peggy Bauman
Helen Sczygelski
Amy Henrich
Jerica Schirmer
Janet Selnes
Pamela Welch
Angela Bethel
Cheryl Berg
Brian & Mary Hofele
Ingrid Erickson
Northwoods Association of Realtors
Russell & Nancy Putnam
Kendra Hawley
Ivy Catlin
Sharayah Lee
Tasha Jaeger
Paypal Giving Fund
David Brand
Donald Viergutz
Amy Marthenze
Linda Tompach
Julie Allen
Konnie Hunter
James & Rosemary Schielke
Hilary Scully

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April Aluminum Can Donations
April Honorarium Donations

Your Local Humane Society

The Lincoln County Humane Society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and abuse to animals, birds and wildlife. Whether you're bringing in a lost pet, looking for your next forever friend, or need any other local humanitarian services, we are here to help.